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Impressions Of Monet: Multi-Sensory Experience Opens At Gardens by the Bay

Step into the realm of an Impressionist virtuoso at Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome as the multi-sensory Impressions of Monet exhibition unfolds on 12 July 2024.

Plan a visit to Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome this July to immerse yourself in a unique exhibition that seamlessly blends multi-sensory experiences with the splendor of nature: Impressions of Monet. Centered around the art, life, and gardens of Claude Monet (1840 – 1926), the master of Impressionism, this exhibition offers visitors two distinct yet complementary experiences within one venue.

Impressions of Monet: The Garden

The central field showcases landscapes reminiscent of scenes from Monet’s beloved garden in his home in Giverny, France. This was where Monet resided for 43 years, merging his artistic brilliance with his profound passion for gardening.

Monet’s iconic pink house and garden, still standing today, rank as the second most visited tourist attraction in the Normandy region of France. Gardens by the Bay’s horticulturists meticulously recreate Monet’s house and scenes from its adjacent gardens: the Clos Normand and the Water Garden, the latter of which Monet acquired later in life. These landscapes served as profound inspirations for Monet’s later paintings.

With a carefully selected palette of plants, horticulturists breathe life into scenes from the Clos Normand and the Water Garden, capturing their colors, forms, and vibrancy. Featured are plants reminiscent of those found in Monet’s original gardens, including hydrangeas, weeping willows, digitalis, daisies, delphiniums, and geraniums.

In homage to Monet’s Water Garden, the distinctive green Japanese bridge, a source of great pride for him, is faithfully recreated. Additionally, water lilies debut in Gardens by the Bay’s floral display, paying tribute to one of Monet’s most renowned works: the Water Lilies series, which features these flowers prominently.

Impressions of Monet: The Experience

Immersive and captivating, Impressions of Monet: The Experience invites visitors to step into the world of Claude Monet and his fellow Impressionists as they journey from Flower Dome’s central field to the front façade of Monet’s house.

Embarking on this sensory adventure, visitors are transported to 19th-century Europe, experiencing the sights and sounds of French Impressionism through Monet’s and his contemporaries’ eyes.

Accompanied by a stirring classical soundtrack, the experience unfolds with a breathtaking display of iconic images that encapsulate the essence of the Impressionist movement. Enormous projections showcase the vibrant colors and intricate details of works by Monet, Camille Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, and more.

Discover hidden nooks, view artworks from alternative angles, and uncover unique perspectives. For many, the true joy lies in simply pausing, allowing the immersive sensory experience to envelop them in waves of intense and beautiful sights and sounds.

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