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Singapore’s First Virtual Reality Theme Park Opens In Sentosa, Delivers Thrills

HeadRock VR brings advanced technology and entertainment from South Korea

Photo: HeadRock VR

We love our traditional playgroundssports parks and roller coasters. But a bit of advanced technology can offer exciting new experiences that take fun to a whole new level of adventure.

Using state-of-the-art virtual reality technology, leading South Korean media production company Mediafront has launched an interactive digital theme park on our sunny shores – HeadRock VR. Now officially open at Resorts World Sentosa, at a neon-lit indoor space, it’s the first VR theme park in Singapore.

Put on the VR goggles at one of the 11 different attractions, and get ready for an exhilarating journey, from navigating rough waters to plunging into red-hot volcanic magma! HeadRock VR is also the home of the world’s first “Storm Blizzard” ride, where guests can feel the thrills of riding a dog sled in a snowy storm blizzard.

Photo: HeadRock VR

K-pop star Seungri, from Big Bang, was present at the opening on 16 November. As the Creative Director and Brand Ambassador of HeadRock VR, Seungri shared with us that he decided to be a part of the theme park experience “to make people happy.”

He tried out the volcanic “Flying Dive” ride, which lifts guests up higher than 1km above ground, before sudden plunges into “magma.” Seungri recommends the ride to everyone, saying that it’s “awesome.”

We tried out the “Extreme Train” ride ourselves, and loved the added sensory touch of the speakers to the VR goggles. A character seems to speak right into your ear, leading you through the exciting story.

Though the attractions have an Xtreme Adventure focus, they are perfect for those who like their thrills on the milder side. Virtual reality expands the scope of suspense, but unlike roller coasters in the open space, you always have some sense of security knowing you’re not actually plunging towards the ground.

Fans of shooting games at the arcade would be pleased to know that the theme park has several of such old-school games, enhanced with VR innovation. Battle zombies, clear out bad guys’ bases, and more!

Speaking of arcade games, the good ol’ machine games also get an out-of-this-world upgrade. Put your musical talents to the test at the “Beat Saber,” which features our favourite pop songs:

Or test your archery skills – maybe your aim is sharper with virtual reality?

Grab your family and friends to experience this new world of adventure! Get your tickets early to enjoy a 15% discount for visits between 17 November and 16 December.

26 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa, #01-38/39, Singapore 098138