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Famous Korean Toast Chain Isaac Toast, Slappy Cakes And More New Eateries Now Open At Plaza Singapore

Get ready your fat pants for these exciting eats

Plaza Singapura is always set out to improve itself when it comes to entertaining its shoppers. You may recall the most exciting time of 2013, when the shopping mall was given an extension of a three-story wing that is completely bedecked with an array of more shopping and dining outlets. This July, Plaza Singapura has upgraded itself once more by introducing a new wave of culinary concepts, including pancake house Slappy Cakes, home-grown chain cafe Joe & Dough, the highly anticipated Isaac Toast and the famous Malaysian Nam Kee Pau.

Here's a closer look at these new outlets.

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4. Nam Kee Pau

Serving up handmade buns from the authentic recipes which trace back to Johor Bahru, Nam Kee Pau has been a favourite among locals. Though mostly known for their Amy Yip Big Pau (above), a stop by Nam Kee will excite you with the variety of local food options you can get.

At just $4 Nam Kee serves up a generous portion of Ban Mian and the much-loved Mee Hoon Kueh. Boiled and infused with the flavours of ikan bilis, the broth is rich with sweetness.

Another of our favourite is the Jumbo Pork Cutlet ($5.80). The cutlet alone was so thick fried to a golden perfection. When you use your fork to go over the large chunk of meat, the crisp sound resonates, making you really eager for your first bite. Unlike some pork cutlets that are known to be tough, flesh here is pretty tender. Did we also mention that the curry gravy was gooey and fragrant at the same time? Despite lacking the spicy punch, the dish is at a level for most to enjoy.

Unit No.: #B2-25

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