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Famous Korean Toast Chain Isaac Toast, Slappy Cakes And More New Eateries Now Open At Plaza Singapore

Get ready your fat pants for these exciting eats

Plaza Singapura is always set out to improve itself when it comes to entertaining its shoppers. You may recall the most exciting time of 2013, when the shopping mall was given an extension of a three-story wing that is completely bedecked with an array of more shopping and dining outlets. This July, Plaza Singapura has upgraded itself once more by introducing a new wave of culinary concepts, including pancake house Slappy Cakes, home-grown chain cafe Joe & Dough, the highly anticipated Isaac Toast and the famous Malaysian Nam Kee Pau.

Here's a closer look at these new outlets.

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2. Joe & Dough 

Founded in 2009 with desires to make good coffee and sandwiches for everyone, husband and wife team Damien Koh and Dawn Wee set out with finding the most fragrant Arabica beans and baking their own bread. From their artisanal bread to their home-style cakes, only the best ingredients are used.

For those who enjoy a good pandan chiffon cake, the Joe & Dough’s Gula Melaka Pandan Cake ($6) will certainly do the trick. Unlike the fluffy interior of a chiffon cake, the rich pandan infused butter cake we tried here is so fragrant and natural that it likens to taking a whiff off actual pandan leaves. The Gula Melaka was at a comfortable level of sweetness, where you could still taste the richness of the pandan as you occasionally bite into fresh coconut bits.


The Skillet-Baked Eggs with Bratwurst ($12.90) or Grilled Vegetables ($10.90) proved to be the ideal meal for those looking something hearty that does not leave you feeling too gelat. Each set comes with either Chicken Bratwurst or Grilled Vegetables, mixed together with brown mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and chilli beans topped with eggs, cheese, sriracha sauce. Served with two toasted multigrain bread, it is great for any time of the day!

Inspired by the local breakfast of soft-boiled egg and toast, Joe & Dough went on to create their own 63° Sous Vide Truffled Eggs with Toast ($6.90), where two sous vide eggs are presented luxuriating in a clear dashi stock with a sprinkle of sakura ebi, truffle oil and a dash of caviar.

Unit No.: #02-K1 to K6

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