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Experience How Biotechnology Can Change The World At BioTaiwan Exhibition 2018

Lots of exciting things are happening in the biotech world

If you are looking for something a little different, and want to open your mind to the power of life sciences, there is an event that will give you access to the inner workings of one of the most transformative industries in the world; biotechnology. The BioTaiwan Exhibition 2018 allows visitors an exciting glimpse of the future. There, you can witness both what biotechnology does to enrich our lives now, and also what is exciting investors who are looking for the next big thing in biotech.

You may not even be aware of it, but biotechnology is already all around us, and touches the lives of millions of people every single day. Thousands of years in the past, biotechnology was what led to the discovery of fermentation, and helped us create more substantive foods, like beer, bread and cheese. Now, biotech helps us find new faculties in fighting disease, and even lets us influence our genes. But, that’s not it, biotech is also helping our world, by leading to the development of new ways of combating climate change and feeding the hungry, as well as making a whole host of useful products that you probably already use in your home and workplace.

The BioTaiwan Exhibition 2018 will give you an insight into how everything from the food you eat, to the fabric in the clothes you wear, and even washing detergent you use, has been influenced by the innovations discovered by biotechnology. Biotechnology is so pervasive, because it gives us a window into how cellular and biomolecular processes work, allowing us to influence and adapt them to create new products. These biological processes have a vast scope, because they affect everything that is alive.

Therefore, biotechnology can be used to create more sustainable foods and seeds, more efficient and renewable biofuels with the power to significantly decrease greenhouse emissions, as well as new vaccines and medical treatments that will let us live healthier and longer lives. In fact, biotechnology has created over 250 health care products, some of which have helped cure diseases that were previously untreatable.

These medications are now available to patients, and have already saved hundreds of thousands of lives. In addition to that, there are also more than 400 biotech medicines and vaccines that are in clinical trials at the moment, which could potentially help with more than 200 diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, MS, diabetes and arthritis, as well as many different forms of cancers.

One of these biotech medications, called CRISPR-cas9 is designed to modify genes. It has shown promising results, and been able to take the HIV virus out of human immune cells, effectively treating AIDs. Biotechnology could also helped with eliminating dangerous “superbugs” and antibiotic resistant forms of bacteria. A research team at MIT in the States have now used biotechnology to engineer an antimicrobial peptide, which will help fight these diseases.

In the expansive Chan Chao Exhibition Halls dreams are being released into the world, and made real. As you wander around the engaging displays, you’ll be astonished at how biotechnology does, and can, influence and transform our lives. You’ll discover how over 13.3 million farmers use the developments in agricultural biotechnology to increase their yields and protect their crops from insects and infestations. Even more importantly, agricultural biotechnology helps them decrease the impact of their farming on the earth, preserving it for future generations.

The science that fuels biotechnology is complex and awe-inspiring. The secrets of the natural world that biotech discovers are the result of millenia of development and evolution. Yet everyday we understand a little more, and scientists find new ways to apply this incredible knowledge to help improve the lives of humans everywhere. Biotechnology could one day save the world! Whether you are interested in investing in this lucrative field, or just fascinated by the science, your life and mind will be enriched from the incredible technology on display at BioTaiwan Exhibition 2018, from the 19th July – 22nd July.

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