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Escape From Haw Par Villa, Singapore’s Spookiest Themepark

Haw Par Villa’s new operator, Journeys, launches large-scale escape game in collaboration with Lockdown SG

By Nicole-Marie Ng

Remember having to visit Haw Par Villa as a part of your primary school excursion programme?

Now imagine that one of your classmates has suddenly fainted during the outing and is on the brink of death. A mysterious old lady then whispers that the Ox-head and Horse-Face have taken him to the spiritual world.

You have one hour to try and save him before he drinks the tea of amnesia and is sent for reincarnation.

That is the storyline behind Haw Par Villa’s new escape game, “Journey to the End and Back”. Created in collaboration with popular escape room company, Lockdown SG, Haw Par Villa aims to make the sleepy theme park vibrant once more.



What will you do when a mysterious old lady tells you your friend has been taken by the spirit world? Photo credit: Vencel Gyulai.

Haw Par Villa at night

For the first time in fifteen years, the park will be extending its opening hours to 10.30pm. This will give visitors a chance to experience the game at night, where they will have to race through the Jade House, Hua Song Pavilions and the infamous Ten Courts of Hell.



Be one of the first few to experience Haw Par Villa at night. Photo credit: Vencel Gyulai.

Each game will last for an hour with the first starting at 12pm and the last will be held at 8.45pm. Even though Haw Par Villa has a reputation of being spooky with its gruesome displays Chinese folklore, the escape game is meant to be a family-friendly affair.

It aims to be both educational and entertaining for its audience, imparting knowledge of Chinese mythology to participants as they try to escape from Haw Par Villa. There will also be food, drinks and  flea market stalls to add to the carnival-like atmosphere.

The next escape game will be happening this Saturday, May 21. Gather a group of 6 friends and book your slot before it’s all sold out!

To participate, visit hawpar210516.peatix.com. Tickets are priced at $25 per person or $150 for a group of 6.