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Auspicious Dates To Return To Work After CNY 2019, Plus Office Feng Shui Tips

Seize every chance to make your work life blessed this year

With all that Chinese New Year partying and feasting coming up, work is probably the last thing you're thinking about now. As much as we don't want to face it, we've got to haul our butts back to work after the holidays, but hey, that day could be a very lucky one.

There are specific dates and times that feng shui experts believe are particularly auspicious for you to start work after the Chinese New Year holidays in 2019. They also slightly vary based on your zodiac sign. The following four dates and time are believed to be lucky for going back to work for all zodiac signs in general. All except for the corresponding clashing zodiac signs, who feng shui experts say should avoid returning to work on that date and time.

Mark your calendars:

6 February (Wednesday), 1pm to 2:59pm
Clashing Zodiac Sign: Dragon

8 February (Friday), 1pm to 2:59pm
Clashing Zodiac Sign: Horse

12 February (Tuesday), 7am to 8:59am, or 11am to 2:59pm
Clashing Zodiac Sign: Dog

14 February (Thursday), 7am to 8:59am, or 11am to 2:59pm
Clashing Zodiac Sign: Rat

If you've been looking for a reason to take a few extra days off and extend your holiday before going back to work, you have it. We hope the dates and times will usher in good fortune and prosperity for your career in 2019!

Now, what about when you do commence work again? To bring even more positive energy into your work life, give your workplace a little spruce-up on your first day back. Here are a few ways that can help create good feng shui in your office:

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2. Arrange the items on your desk in a harmonious way

Have you heard your parents or relatives talk about green dragons and white tigers? They’re probably talking about one of the most ancient principles of feng shui, known in Mandarin as “青龙白虎.” Two of the four symbolic celestial animals in feng shui, the Green Dragon and White Tiger form a guide for how you should organise any space to bring harmony to the energy around you. The Green Dragon is believed to be situated on your left, while the White Tiger is on your right. In feng shui, the Green Dragon should be stronger or more dominant than the White Tiger to bring about a fortuitous balance. So if you have lots of papers, pens, books and more on your desk, keep more of them on your left side and stack them up higher there than your items on your right.

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