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Experience The New ACUVUE® OASYS Contact Lenses with Transitions™ At This Pop-Up From 12 To 14 July!

See for yourself why Acuvue’s latest product is so revolutionary

Photos: Weekender

If stepping outside on a sunny day or switching on the light in a dark room makes you squint your eyes immediately, you are not alone. In fact, according to a study by ACUVUE, you are part of a whopping 78% of Singaporeans who are bothered by harsh bright lights on an average day. We might not be able to avoid going outdoors or into brightly lit rooms, but we can take steps to reduce the stress of light sensitivity on our eyes.

ACUVUE offers an excellent solution with the new OASYS Contact Lens with Transitions™, an innovative, first-of-its-kind new contact lens that adapts to changing light conditions. The contact lens is always filtering the amount of light entering your eyes, responding to the amount and intensity the light is exposed to. And when it is exposed to UV lights, it transitions from clear to dark! How cool is that?

Named one of the Best Inventions in 2018 by TIME Magazine, ACUVUE® OASYS Contact Lenses with Transitions™ provides comfortable vision for many different essential activities day and night. For those who do not require vision correction, the contact lenses are also available in zero degree, without prescription.

Be one of the first in Asia to experience the ground-breaking contact lenses at ACUVUE’s pop-up, held in front of Mandarin Gallery from 12 to 14 July. Go on an escape room-style adventure to discover the most common scenarios where Singaporeans are bothered by light!

The colourful pop-up has three main zones themed after places or activities that involve harsh lighting: clubs and nightlife, outdoor sports, and night driving. Get into a group of up to five people and embark on the escape room challenges!

Painted in vibrant colours, the Nightlife room is modeled after clubs and concerts. We were given one minute to search for a pair of keys that someone lost in the “club.” It seems easy, but with the glowing neon lights in foggy surroundings, we took the full minute to finally find the keys!

Party venues tend to have flashy and intense strobe lights that 47% of Singaporeans say hurt their eyes. You don’t have to give up on having fun, though. This room shows how the ACUVUE® OASYS Contact Lenses with Transitions™ would be super beneficial to help your vision recover up to five seconds faster from powerful artificial beams in dark environments like clubs and concerts, and thus make partying a more comfortable experience.

Even if you might not frequent clubs, the everyday activity of going out also exposes us to harsh lighting, and natural light outdoors causes discomfort for 60% of Singaporeans when they are outside. Just going from indoors to a much brighter outdoors creates stress on the eyes for more than half of Singaporeans. And that’s not to mention the damaging effects of UV rays. The Outdoors room at the pop-up imagines scenarios where we would be exposed to brilliant sunlight for prolonged periods of time – when we are playing outdoor sports such as cycling or basketball.

Put your basketball skills to the (timed) test in a mini game, and then take part in a simulation game where you can imagine yourselves cycling on the road – all while bright lights are shining at you! Along the way, learn how the ACUVUE® OASYS Contact Lenses with Transitions™ – which is dubbed “The Contact Lens That Knows Light” – actively balances the amount of light that enters the wearer’s eyes, both indoors and outdoors. It also offers great protection from blue light and UV radiation. Say goodbye to squinting at the sunlight the next time you are cycling!

The Night Driving room is designed after the Singapore roads at night, to accentuate the type of bright lights that drivers typically encounter on the road after dark. Those who love racing will have a blast at the thrilling driving simulator game. Play against your friend to have a little fun competition!

Driving at night should be a relaxing experience, but, as the game shows, seeing halos and starbursts around streetlights or the headlights of other cars makes it irritating and dangerous. In this room, check out how the ACUVUE® OASYS Contact Lenses with Transitions™ reduces halos and starbursts at night for clearer vision.

Having gone through the Acuvue pop-up ourselves, we are impressed by the many benefits that the ACUVUE® OASYS Contact Lenses with Transitions™ offers to improve our eye comfort. It’s a contact lens that moves beyond vision correction to cater to people who are bothered by lights, and the three rooms reinforced for us how much we really need this smart contact lens in our daily lives!

For a better look at how effectively it works, check out how the ACUVUE® OASYS Contact Lenses with Transitions™ changes significantly from clear to dark when exposed to light. In the photo below, the lens on the right was stored away from light, while the lens on the left was left out in a bright room:

Drop by the pop-up right outside Mandarin Gallery from 12 to 14 July to experience the lenses for yourselves! The pop-up will be open from 6pm to 9pm on 12 July, and from 11am to 9pm on 13 and 14 July. There are also attractive prizes to be won, and don’t forget to download and flash the MyACUVUE app to receive a gift!

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