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9 Rock-Climbing Gyms To Go For A Full Body Workout

Tone up muscles in areas that you never thought you could

Rock climbing gyms, unlike your typical boxes full of free weights and cardio machines, offer more than just physical challenges. Folded into each climbing route are multiple “problems” that need to be solved. Imagine this: while gripping onto a hard-plastic hold, your mind is racing to figure out where should your leg be placed next to give you the right push to climb forward.

Here are some of the best rock climbing gyms in Singapore for you to get your heart pumping!

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Photo: Kinetics Climbing 

9. Kinetics Climbing

From the fresh-faced newbies to the seasoned veteran, Kinetics is where you’ll find all levels and styles of climbing routes. The varied wall surfaces coupled with frequently updated routes are specially designed for quality bouldering. Additionally, the top rope wall is a dedicated and safe space for roped-climbing courses.


511 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218153

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