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5 Reasons Gardens by the Bay Now Feels Like Japan

It’s Japan hour in Singapore with Gardens by the Bay’s limited-time display

By Pamela Chow

The impossible has happened. Cherry blossoms are in bloom right here in tropical Singapore at Gardens by the Bay’s latest floral display, Blossom Beats

Sakura trees have started to blossom in this experimental display, which will run until Mar 27.

But it’s more than just the season we’re feeling – here are five reasons why the Flower Dome will make you feel like you’re in Japan.

1. Explore a traditional Japanese garden

Befitting the mood of the display, the Flower Dome has been dressed up not just with beautiful sakuras but also with all the features of a traditional Japanese garden, such as a Torii gate and bonsai arrangements.

2. It sounds just like the Land of the Rising Sun

As you stroll through the gardens, you’ll be enveloped by the rousing beats of Taiko drums in the background, just like how we imagine Japan royalty would as they took a sakura tour in the springtime.

3. There are more than one species of sakura on display

There are a total of about 200 cherry and peach blossom species in existence, out of which more than 20 are currently on display at the Flower Dome, including Prunus ‘Shirotae’ from Mount Fuji and the vibrant Okame sakura.

In fact, while some of these species are visually different from each other, their flowers can also change colours from dark pink to pale pink or white as they develop.

Just like the real season in Japan, every trip yields a different spectacle.

4. The beauty of sakura is fleeting and short-lived

Sadly, this sakura display is accurate to a fault, in that its fleeting beauty typically lasts only up to two weeks.

Though we won’t go as far as to regularly check the sakura forecast like the Japanese do, its safe to say we’re rather kancheong about the best possible time to catch these flowers in full bloom.

5. You can join a guided tour – just like a tourist in Japan

In Japan, tours through sakura spots are fairly common among both foreign and local tourists.

Here, you can also join a free guided tour by resident Display Interpreters, who will share interesting information on the cherry and peach blossoms at the floral display.

The tour is free and conducted daily, at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. To participate, gather at the “Ask Me!” poster near the Flower Field. Tours will begin when a group of five or more visitors is assembled, and will last 15 minutes.

Garden by the Bay’s Blossom Beats will run until Mar 27. Flower Dome admission charges apply. More information here.