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10 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Actually Thoughtful

If you only have time to swing by the store to grab just one thing, this (or the other nine) should be it

"It is the thought that counts," says the late-comer, bearing a poorly-wrapped present that opens up to something you saw at Daiso under the seasonal section.

"Oh, how nice," you reply with a forced smile, before presenting yours - a customised shot glass that bears the recipient's initials. Because you heard he likes Tequilla.

This Christmas, let's all strive to not be that one guy when it comes to gifting. And fret not if time seems to have already ebbed away, we sussed out 10 last minute Christmas gift ideas that you easily grab-and-go without looking like Scrooge at festive gatherings.

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Photo: Muji

2. Muji Aroma Diffuser, $89

Brighten up the homes you about to visit with Muji’s Aroma Diffuser. Not only does it silently diffuses and effectively fills one’s abode with an aroma of a desired essential oil, the stylish machine practically fits anywhere with its minimalistic design.

Available at all Muji outlets

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