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Where To Find Fun And Spooky Food And Drinks This Halloween In Singapore

Are you ready to enjoy a combination of dark, sweet and spooky food items this Halloween?

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1. Marks & Spencer

Halloween is always spookier with Marks & Spencer’s treats!

Perfect for trick-or-treating! Marks & Spencer is bringing a huge selection of chocolate and candy including Zombie Eyeball (S$7.90), Omballs Monstrous Critters (S$7.90) and Super Sour Spiders Candy (S$3.90). Indulge in the ghoulish affair of Halloween with M&S’s spine-tingling treats such as the creepy Witches Teeth (S$9.90) and Eerie Eyeballs (S$9.90), perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. For the extra Halloween spook, savour the terrifyingly delicious Haunted Halloween All Butter Biscuit Light Up Tin (S$24.90) for a scarily good buttery treat.

Available at all Marks & Spencer outlets.

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