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Where To Find Delicious Dumplings In Singapore 2020

Have you been looking forward to the Dumpling Festival so that you can eat these delicious dumplings again?

While some dumplings are available throughout the year, some flavours are only available during the festive season. Laboriously hand-wrapped and brimming with choice ingredients, these plump and fragrant parcels make exceptional picks for enjoying with family, as befitting gifts, or a tasty meal on its own.

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3. Din Tai Fung

A classic staple during Dragon Boat Festival, bring home Din Tai Fung’s ready-to-cook frozen Rice Dumpling with Flavoured Pork for your family’s enjoyment anytime throughout this festive season.

The rice dumplings are thoughtfully prepared with top grade glutinous rice lightly flavoured with premium soya sauce and marinated by hand to avoid damaging the rice grains. The delectable filling is made with precision-sliced succulent pork belly marinated in 15 types of spices and condiments, then skilfully hand-wrapped into a unique pillow shape for a soft and chewy texture.

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