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Seafood Galore at the Pelican

The Pelican joins in the Southern boil fray with the launch of its new menu

If you’ve been following the seafood scene in Singapore, you ‘ve probably noticed the upward trend of Southern boils where a multitude of seafood is boiled in a bucket before being thrown onto a table for hands-on eating.

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill is one of the latest to join the fray, and Saturdays are about to get messy. Every Saturday, the special Pelican Boil ($128++ for two to three) ­­­ will be served hot from the pot straight to the table.

Seafood Show

Assorted seafood such as Maine Lobster, seasonal crabs, cultured mussels from Prince Edward Island, Countneck clams, and local prawns are boiled in a white wine and vegetable broth for your enjoyment. The broth is filled with sweet root vegetables such as carrots, onions, and celery, to name a few. They’re seasoned with lemon, thyme, a sprinkle of salt, and Old Bay spices.

And you can’t forget that it is indeed quite a show when they pour it all out onto your plastic-sheeted table as you watch all that goodness tumble out of the silver bucket!

Eat to Your Heart’s Desire

While a single serving can feed a party of two to three happily, add-ons such as whole lobster ($78), whole crab ($58), corn on the cob ($12), potatoes ($12), can also be included in your order, if you wish.

If you’re the princess type that doesn’t like to get down and dirty with your food, throw your inhibitions out the window if you wish to enjoy the boil. It is next to impossible to use anything else but your hands.

Ladies, it is best to eat here without a manicure because you will ruin it. I had a surprisingly easy time de-shelling the lobster versus the crab. The flesh inside the lobster had a more bountiful yield than the crab.

For Jul and Aug, The Pelican will give away a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label champagne with every purchase of two sets of the Pelican Boil.

Visit thepelican.com.sg