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Not D-I-Y but D-I-O

The DIO Burger

Do-It-Ourselves Burger, also known as DIO Burger, serves burgers with juicy patties and all the condiments of your choice

By Cheryl Chia

Looking for a kid-friendly place but yet want to enjoy more sophisticated fare than Spaghetti-Os and tater-tots?

Bringing the family-style and self-service concept from American burger chains, DIO Burger gives you the choice of adding as many or as little condiments and accoutrements as you wish to your burger.

What’s more, the décor is bright and cheery, with animated films such as Despicable Me or Jack Frost playing on the screen to help to keep both adults and children entertained.

It’s All Up to You

First, pick your bun – either a brioche or multi-grain bun – then your favourite burger patty. For beef lovers, you have the option of wagyu or chuck before picking your preferred style.

We chose the My Way, with cheddar cheese, bacon and Portobello mushroom
($17.80-$21.80). The juicy patty arrived in a sweet brioche bun.

The sheer size made it almost impossible to bite down on it without it falling apart. We wish that we could choose the patty’s doneness as well, for a better texture.

If you can’t decide, go for the DIO Burger ($29.80). This massive burger comes with 100 per cent premium cut Wagyu beef, pork ribs, chicken thigh and cheddar cheese. Other options include fish, chicken and pork.

Fruit, Vegetable and More

The burgers come condiment and vegetable–free, and ready for you to add whatever you want to the mix from the condiment counter in the middle of the restaurant.

Add anything from your standard lettuce and tomatoes to pineapples, mango salsa, onions, pickles and jalapenos.

The sauces are also plentiful with options such as spicy cheese sauce, cheese sauce, honey mustard, barbecue and mayonnaise.
With so many options, why not try something new in DIO Burger this weekend?

200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand, #01-09, Singapore 287994. Tel: 6468 9308