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Taste More Than 20 Unique Wagyu Cuts At Stellar At 1-Altitude

The first restaurant in Singapore to rear its own cattle at Australia’s premium wagyu farm Tiana Park

Photo: Stellar At 1-Altitude 

While tenderloin, rib eye and strip loins are standard affair at most steak houses, Stellar at 1-Altitude is raising the bar by offering over 20 unique cuts of wagyu beef including the tri-tip, oyster blade, intercostal and karubi.

But that’s not all, the beef hails from the restaurant’s very own wagyu cattle raised in the Riverina region of New South Wales.

Wielding his progressive Australian cooking skills, Executive Chef Christopher Millar leads the culinary force to present diners these unique cuts.

Happy cow, tasty beef

At Australia’s premium wagyu farm Tiana Park, wagyu cattle bearing highly-prized Tajima genes are ethically reared and fed on a specially formulated diet.

At the start of this culinary venture, Chef Miller had traveled to the farm where the herd resides and witnessed firsthand the care given to these cows.

This practice makes for happy cattle, which in turn yields quality Tajima-Wagyu beef, so sought-after for its distinctive tenderness and marbling.

Making the cut

Perched on the 62nd floor, Stellar at 1-altitude greeted us with a breathtaking view— the perfect accompaniment to our meal, which kicked off with a crunchy puff cracker filled with homemade Vegamite.

While tasty, these Vegemite-filled crackers could easily be a hit or miss depending on whether one fancies its yeasty flavour.

Next up, we were served the Flight of Three Cuts of Tajima Wagyu, which came with a trio of Tajima Wagyu cuts, namely tri-tip, chuck rib and oyster blade.

With a taste profile similar to sirloin, the Wood-fried Tajima Tri-tip was grilled to medium-rare perfection, with a distinctive beefy taste nicely countered by sweet carrot puree on the side.

For those who prefer their meat cooked through, opt for the Tajima Wagyu Chuck Rib, which originates from the extension of the cattle’s neck and shoulder.

Brined with pink salt before being braised in red wine coffee sauce, its texture is  similar to that of a short rib — tender and well-seasoned.

Our favourite among the three is the Sous Vide Tajima Oyster Blade with truffle slices, served on a bed of beetroot hummus.

Cut from the shoulder blade of the cattle,  the oyster blade is sous vide before wood-fire grilled.

The dish is every true meat-lover’s dream with its succulent, rare pink center.

Seafood sensation

Before writing off Stellar’s new menu for being meat-focused, give its seafood dishes a try.

We recommend the Three Texture of Carabineros Prawn, where the prized crustacean is cooked in three ways. The tempura-encased head is filled with roe mousse, the tail is freeze-dried and the fleshy body is cooked thoroughly and served in a broth of quinoa and prawn consommé.

Fancy an Instagram-worthy treat? The Line Caught Dutch Brill is first lathered with furikake butter, then baked.

Served on a paper bark, it is torched lightly at table side to ignite a wonderful, woody aroma.

Whether you’re a true blue beef lover or simply in the mood for fine steaks, Stellar at 1-Altitude will whet your appetite.

A la carte set menu starts from $110++ per pax.

Level 62, 1 Raffles Place