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Travel Around the World in These 10 Cafes

Feel “stuck” in Singapore? Not when you visit these 10 cafes now!

Here are 10 exciting cafes that will make you feel being transported to another country.

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1. Bacha Coffee, Morocco

Bacha Coffee begins in the medina of Marrakech, Morocco. Built in 1910, the spectacular Dar el Bacha palace, which means “house of the Pasha”. Known to unite the greatest cultural and political minds of the century. Over this glittering pots of “coffee of Arabia” or Arabica, as it is known today.

Bacha Coffee specialises in 100% Arabica coffees and provides customers with a unique opportunity to travel the world. How? Through their cup which explore harvests from over 30 of the most well-reputed coffee producing countries. Furthermore, their distinctive fine blended, fine flavoured and naturally decaffeinated coffees are all produced using only 100% Arabica beans. As well as giving coffee lovers the widest choice, without ever sacrificing quality or flavour.

Bacha Coffee is located at ION Orchard (Coffee Room & Boutique) 2 Orchard Turn, Ground floor, Singapore 238801.

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