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Tiger Beer Rolls Out Satay-Flavoured Potato Chips

But where’s the peanut sauce though?

Photo: Tiger Beer

Can this be a new food fad for the last quarter of 2018 – potato chips in locally-inspired flavours?

While it didn’t take off as well as the way salted egg-everything did, this unique snack offering may have been first introduced by F.EAST back in December 2017. The local enterprise launched potato chips that reflect the flavours of Singapore’s beloved dishes, namely: Hainanese Chicken Rice, Egg Prate with Fish Head Curry, and Singapore Laksa. Each packet of potato chips retails at $3.

Perhaps taking a leaflet from the F.EAST‘s book, local beer brand Tiger Beer will be introducing its own line of locally-inspired titbits with the nation’s first satay flavoured potato chips.

Best enjoyed with an ice cold pint of Tiger Beer, the chips are described to be “seasoned with subtle notes of smokey goodness and cooked with a crunchy finish.”

And if you’re wondering why settle for satay? The brand explains that it is in the effort of championing Singapore’s local street food heritage, hence something iconic as satay fits the bill.

“The satay-flavoured chips is a Tiger invention that not only celebrates local, but brings together all the flavours we know and love,” the brand rep says.

To ensure that you fulfil the pairing decreed by Tiger Beer, a packet of the satay-flavoured chips is only available with the purchase of every 10 pack of Tiger Beer from 1 October to 1 November, at supermarkets island-wide including FairPrice and www.redmart.com.