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#ThirstyThursday: Smoke & Mirrors’ New Cocktail Menu Meets More Than Just The Eye

In fact, the bar’s progressive cocktails seek to engage all the senses

Photos: Smoke & Mirrors

The Playful Eye.

That’s what the folks at destination bar Smoke & Mirrors call its brand-new drinks menu. Herein begs the question: How playful are the spirits then?

Launched in November, the boozy series invites merrymakers to imbibe on 10 invigorating cocktails, carefully concocted to deliver complex flavours that echo the drinks’ corresponding tongue-in-cheek names.

“I’ve always been intrigued by how a chef would plate a cocktail if they were behind the bar,” said Head Bartender and the menu’s creator Yugnes Suselam. “For a year, my team and I researched unique flavour profiles and methods used by chefs who push culinary and imbibing boundaries.”

In other words, The Playful Eye is a liquefied and boozed up reflection of food, where drinkers can find ingredients such as milk meringue, gomasio of black sesame and salt, and even a red cabbage shrub in their blends.

So are the cocktails worth the one-year foray? Only one way to find out at Smokes & Mirror.

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Smoke & Mirrors ($24) 

A signature of the bar, the Smoke & Mirrors cocktail is rightfully spirit-forward as it uses tequila as the base spirit. Spiced notes and hints of French herbs are gleaned from the cocktail, which is presented with a garnish of an edible garden, made up of apple, cardamom and a blend of pistachios and cocoa powder for the soil.

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