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#ThirstyThursday: New York’s Craft Beers At Brooklyn Brewery

Good beer doesn’t require a day’s flight to the Big Apple

Brooklyn Brewery is said to be the staple of New York City.

With a past tracing back as far as 1988, the American craft brewery gives alcoholics an excuse of a history lesson to drink up and merrymake at its Williamsburg coordinates. Jest as we may, the brewery actually does offer enlightening tours of its beloved borough. Visitors will learn the history and be given insights of the brewery, plus indulge in a tasting of beers.

But alas, we can only taste the iconic suds at Brooklyn Brewery’s home ground of New York. Or is it?

Well, here’s good news for you thirsty hounds. The award-winning craft beers have debuted at KPO Cafe Bar – the American brewery’s first move of spreading its boozy dominance all over our tropical island. Aside from offering longstanding favourites, the Singpoare bar will be without a regular beer menu – a tradition upheld by the American brewery. Various flavours are concocted inline with the brewery’s Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment (BQE); so expect beer variants that may delight or even shock you with every visit to this watering hole.

Here are some of the variants you should look out for:

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Brooklyn Lager on tap (Perennial) 

Touted as a local favourite, the Brooklyn Lager is a Vienna-style beer that sports an amber-gold facade. Containing 5.2% of alcohol, the beer has a refreshing bitterness with a floral hop aroma. Caramel malts are noticeably tasted in the finish.

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