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Enjoy the Most Affordable And Practical Omakase At Sake & The City: Omakase Food Pairing

Whether you are looking out for food quality or experience,  Sake & The City: Omakase Food Pairing will give you the best experience that you can ask for.

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Do you know about the bad omakase experience at one of the Shanghai restaurants some time back? We were told that the meal cost ¥2000+ per pax and all you were served was a piece of meat along with two mouthfuls of rice. It was not only expensive, there ain’t anything fantastic about the meal either.

Afterwhich Omakase has been a hot topic among food lovers. Is Omakase worth the price?

What is Omakase?

Omakase (お任せ)  is a type of meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef. The chef will decide the menu based on the ingredients and the catch of the day. He may also alter the dishes to suit the diner’s taste-buds as omakase is dependent on the happiness of the diner. You will have the chef’s full attention as you will be dining face-to-face with the chef. Omakase is not all about the food, it is also an experience.

Sake & The City: Omakase Food Pairing

We had the honour of trying out Omakase at Mira Sake Hall x Shukuu Izakaya – Sake & The City: Omakase Food Pairing.

Even drinking sake is a form of art. Do you know that you require different cups for each sake? Not all sake goes well with all food. We had a short crash course with the professional SSA certified sommeliers during our dining experience. After a wonderful dining experience and crash course by the professional, I went from knowing nothing to knowing everything. I could relate to the drinks and quality food from what goes well with this and that and why we should pair them together. Even the sashimi, oysters, uni and US prime cuts tasted extraordinary that evening.

For only S$128++ per pax, you can enjoy 7 different sake, high-quality food and bring home a new set of knowledge about omakase and sake pairing.

Mirai Sake Hall x Shukuu Izakaya Sake – Sake & The City: Omakase Food Pairing

Availability: Everyday Saturday and Sunday from 19 March to 10 April 2022
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Price: S$128++ (minimum 2 pax to dine)
Address: 8A Stanley St, Singapore 068727.
For more information, please click here.

Trust us, you will only leave the restaurant singing praises for the evening!

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A Chinese version of the article appeared here.