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The Art Of The Swedish ‘Fika’; And 5 Cafes That You Should Check Out

Time to slow down and appreciate the little things that make life beautiful, over a cuppa coffee and a little bite to eat.

What is ‘Fika’? Beyond its literal translation of being a “coffee and cake break”,  in its essence, is the Swedish lifestyle tradition of taking a moment to step back from the busyness and rush of life, have a cup of coffee and a baked good (even a couple of cookies or a piece of kueh if you prefer) with it.

What makes the Swedish Fika different from just kicking back at a cosy cafe with friends. or leaving the office for a coffee break, is its main intent: To savour the moment of being present, availing time for you to contemplate; giving your mind a break from the demands of the day. In the midst of a fast-paced urban city like Singapore, it is the respite we so desperately need.

‘Nuff said, here’s 5 quaint little cafes that you can head to for that much-needed me-time.

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Credit: Amber Ember

1. Ember Amber

Situated in cozy Serangoon, you’ll feel right at home here at Ember Amber. This cafe serves up Jaffles, an Aussie term for the familiar toasted sandwich, to go along with your coffee. Try the PB & Jelly Jaffle ($8), served with homemade peanut butter, grape jelly and frozen peanut parfait. There are also savoury versions of the jaffles as well, such as the Truffle Shrooms Jaffle ($11), accompanied by a purple sweet potato mash.

The cafe’s coffees don’t disappoint as well!

730 Upper Serangoon Road, #01-01, Singapore 534613

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