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Submit your #foodporn pics!

Submitted by Benjamin Yeong

Say hello to our user submitted #foodporn photo gallery!

When was the last time you had an instagram-worthy meal? Most of us are guilty of having our friends beg us to “stop it” as we flick their grubby hands away from our meal. So what if the food turns cold, Eskimos get cold food all the time and they’re still surviving!

Send us your best #foodporn photos and tips/ reviews on the restaurant where it was taken!

Submitted by Raymond Goh
Submitted by Raymond Goh

Restaurant: Lawry’s The Prime Rib

Dish: Broiled Lobster Tails with Drawn Butter

What Raymond has to say: This was taken at Lawry’s The Prime Rib. I wanted to try something new and actually ordered seafood at a steakhouse. The atlantic lobster dinner – trio of broiled lobster tails with drawn butter – was just heavenly! Two thumbs up!

Submitted by Sakura Hee
Submitted by Sakura Hee

Restaurant: The Sushi Bar

Dish: Bara Chirashi

What Sakura has to say: This photo appeared in July Epicure magazine. Happy meal! Imagine all that vibrant colors painting on the canvas inside my tummy. It just cheers up my day.

Submitted bu Jolene Teh Ting
Submitted by Jolene Teh Ting

Restaurant: Din Tai Fung

Dish: Pork Chop Fried Rice / Xiao Long Bao

What Sakura has to say: The best place to have dinner with the folks who only like Chinese cuisine. This is the must order – Din Tai Fung’s chef’s recommendations – pork chop fried rice and xiao long bao.

Submitted by Leonard Kohkakohla
Submitted by Leonard Kohkakohla

Restaurant: Nestle

Dish: Milo Cereal

What Leonard has to say: Just milo cereal with meiji milk. Great meal to start your day with. Easy access, grab it at your nearest 7-11!

What our writer has to say: I have never seen anything more gourmet than this. Why am I paying $49.90 for German pork knuckles when I can pay $0.99 for a dish as tantalizing and beautiful as this. I am going to 7-11 right now. Thank you Kohkakohla.

And our winning entry for this week:

Submitted by Benjamin Yeong
Submitted by Benjamin Yeong

Restaurant: Angus Steak House

Dish: Angus Ribeye

What Benjamin has to say: Highly marbled angus ribeye, cooked to medium-rare perfection, is complemented with rich compound butter for a distinctive steak experience like no other. Reasonably priced, only at Angus Steak House.

By Nicole Lee