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Free Beer Alert! Try The New Singapore Lager Free At These Locations

Celebrate the launch of Singapore’s latest local beer!

Photos: Singapore Lager

We are still a little under three months away from National Day, but we are feeling all sorts of national pride for the launch of a new local beer, the Singapore Lager!

From the beer lovers and masters behind Trouble Brewing, who are supplying bespoke beers to over 70 dining and drinking establishments, comes a new premium lager. It’s the first beer put out under Tuas Brewing Co., an new concept brand by Trouble Brewing. They are so excited to introduce the Singapore Lager to everyone, they are giving away free beers starting 18 May!

Made by a local team of brewers in an independent brewery in Tuas, the Singapore Lager is created with our local tastes and culture in mind. It has been formulated to complement many of our favourite local food dishes, such as char kway teow and laksa! Perfect for hawker centre meals!

This easy-to-pair quality is a part of what makes the Singapore Lager “everybody’s beer.” The team at Tuas Brewing Co. wanted to create a highly drinkable and mainstream beer, in terms of a light and more balanced taste, that can be enjoyed regularly. Your wallets can also heave a sigh in relief, as the beer is also mainstream in its low, more affordable cost. At the same time, seasoned beer drinkers can expect a top quality brew.

“Our aim was to create a brew that walks the line between the freshness of a craft and the drinkability of a mainstream beer – and I’m proud to say that we have achieved that,” says Joseph Barratt, Co-Founder and CEO of Singapore Lager and Trouble Brewing.

What does a bottle of Singapore Lager taste like? According to the lager’s master brewer himself, Gregg Speirs, “It has a light, crisp body and a crystal-clear golden hue.” There is a peppery and grainy edge to the Singapore Lager, balanced by soft grape to grassy aromas. It also has a 4.5% ABV (alcohol by volume).

If that has you salivating already, good news – you can now try the Singapore Lager! Since its launch on 13 May, the beer is now available for purchase online via RedMart. Many partner outlets across the city are also serving the beer. As of now, you can find it at BQ Bar, Bull & Bear, Molly Malone’s Irish Pub, Summerlong, and The Depot. The team is working on expanding this list, so check their website for updates on more places to enjoy the beer. For those going to BeerFest Asia 2019, from 27 to 30 June, look out for the Singapore Lager there!

But wait, as mentioned, there’s also a way to try the Singapore Lager for absolutely free!

Over five days from 18 May to 8 June, a beer cart will be making its way to five different locations to give away free Singapore Lager. The schedule and locations are: Panamericana on Sentosa Island (18 May, 1 to 3pm), Arbora at Mount Faber (24 May, 6 to 8pm), Pandora’s Garden at Ann Siang Road (25 May, 2 to 4pm), Summerlong at Robertson Quay (31 May, 6 to 8pm), and Hero’s at Boat Quay (8 June, 8 to 10pm).

Click here for a factsheet with more details about where to get your free Singapore Lager.