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Restaurant Review: Kyuu By Shunsui May Just Offer The Most Affordable Omakase Dinner In Singapore

Do note: It’s only available from 6pm to 9pm

Photo: Kyuu By Shunsui/ Weekender

“$129 is affordable meh,” come the cynical cries from the ones who perhaps had tucked into less expensive omakase dinners before.

Woah, easy on the haterade there and hear us out.

First up, dishes at Kyuu By Shunsui is prepared by the Michelin-anointed hands of Head Chef Issey Araki, who formerly flexed his culinary muscles at one Michelin Starred restaurant Akasaka Tantei in Tokyo, Japan.

With grilled delights at its heart, the sashimi and robatayaki restaurant uses ingredients that are as fresh as they can get; seafood produce is flown directly from the now-defunct Tsukigi Fish Market on Tuesdays and Fridays. Plus, the portions are generous enough to leave you stuffed at the end of the meal.

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The illustrious omakase set kicks off with 3 Kinds Appetiser, featuring Persimmon With Saseme & Vinegar, Yam Tofu with Fig Sauce and Duck with Homemade Miso. If one of trio doesn’t sit well with your tummy, you can approach the Chef for an alternative. That night, a diner had the Yam Tofu with Fig Sauce variant swapped out for Fresh Figs with Ming Fish Jelly and Snow Crab.

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