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Restaurant Review: Dine Like A European At Tablescape

The restaurant spotlights European classics in an upscale setting of Grand Park City Hall

Remember to bring along your manners if you ever decide to pay Tablescape Restuarant & Bar a visit.

Located within the luxurious Grand Park City Hall, the culinary destination reflects an abode of an Italian countess with its neoclassical design interior, featuring posh furniture and decorative Peranakan tiled floor awash in sunshine, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Unfortunately, the upscale destination was soon plagued by our barbaric antics when a bread trolley was wheeled over to the table. We were invited to pick a baked goodie from the assortment of bread, which we gladly obliged to and requested for one of every kind.

From classics like croissants and rye bread to the unconventional ones such as the squid ink variant, diners can have their fill on carbs, on its own or smeared with butter, to complement their European grub. Best part? The bakes are free-flow!

Of course, it’s not all about carbo-loading on free bread at Tablescape. Boasting a prolific portfolio in the culinary scene, Executive Chef Robert Chan has claimed that he wants to remove the veil of fine dining experience to bring attention to simple traditional European fare. So you’d best go easy on the bread and save your stomach space for these European delights!

Salmon Gravlax ($16)

For starters, savour the 24-hour house-cured Salmon Gravlax ($16) that makes for a zesty kickoff to the European feast with toppings of citrus caviar and lemon myrtle oil, alongside dollops of cream cheese ice cream. Chef Chan also shows off his own culinary creativity by putting his spin on the French classic Steak Tartare ($24), topped with a battered poached egg. The runny yolk is a welcome addition to the dish, gluing together the mix of savoury US Angus beef and tarty vegetables bits with its golden rivers.

Milk-Fed Veal stuffed with Foie Gras ($38)

Still on the subject of proteins, we sampled the uncommon veal, showcased in the Veal Sweetbread in two-minute Pea Soup with Ceps Mushroom Regu ($18) and Milk-Fed Veal stuffed with Foie Gras ($38). The former features the sweetbread, an organ meat that Chef said is missing from the culinary world. Here, the sweetbread is pan-fried to perfection, lending its richness and texture to the incredibly creamy pea soup. Veal is further celebrated with the Milk-Fed Veal stuffed with Foie Gras that requires a two-day cooking process. Duxelles and sage are wrapped around the foie gras-stuffed tenderloin before allowed to set for one day. The next day sees to the glorious masterpiece crumbed and then deep fried and over-baked. The results? A fragrant protein that titillates the taste buds with oozing juices and a surprise foie gras center.

More is more when it comes to the Prosciutto Ham wrapped Monkfish and Maine Lobster on Risotto in Armagnac Lobster Bisque ($38) – a direction we didn’t quite fancy. With the monkfish a tad dry and the ham overpowering with its innate saltiness, the dish is better off built with less components. Although, we must say the risotto and the lobster bisque is a winning combination.


The meal ends with tableside trolley service yet again; but this time around, the trolley come laden with all sorts of desserts ($12 per dessert). So what to pick? Aside from the familiar favourites such as carrot cake and camembert cheesecake, look to the unique Spicy Mango Mousse, where a white chocolate shell encases the soft mango mousse that shocks you a little with fiery hints of Tabasco sauce.


10 Coleman Street, Level 3, Grand Park City Hall,
Tel: 6432-5618
Operating Hours: noon-2:30pm, 5:30pm-1am (Daily)