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Restaurant Review: Pay One Price For 10 Desserts At Fat Lulu’s

From champagne and chocolate to beetroot and berries, the flavours from the restaurant’s dessert line-up is anything but boring

Facing with the conundrum of dessert selection comes ever so often. Especially right after one’s stuffed silly from the savouries, determining a concluding dessert is always imperative to not only round off the meal on a high, but also validate whatever calories that come with the sweet delight.

But how does one proceed? Is it with caution, choosing safe desserts such as the generic ice cream-topped brownie, or do you live life on the edge with unconventional treats that either delight or run the risk of missing the mark?

Well, Fat Lulu’s offers a quick-fix solution to life’s dilemma in the form of its Dessert Pig Out offering ($65) – a decadent flight of 10 sweet creations.

Conventional desserts are absent from the Dessert Pig Out. Instead, expect a slew of reinterpreted classics and eccentric offerings that boasts a spectrum of flavours such as chocolate, beetroot, apple and cheese.  All desserts are considerately presented in tasting portions, so that your party can last the entire meal, before standing divided on your favourites.

Three Porn Stars 

While the Dessert Pig Out is limited to four diners, the fifth person can get in on the fun for an additional $15, which entitles to either two more dishes from the Dessert Pig Out line-up, or a single a-la-carte dessert.

But if you’re hesitant about embarking on this sinful journey , order the Three Porn Stars ($28) cosisting a trio of milk chocolate, hazelnut and Ipoh white kopi popsicles.

Here are the 10 desserts offered from the Dessert Pig Out menu:

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Mini Childhood

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