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Recipe: Mixed Rice From Kilo Under Pressure #6

Delight your loved ones with this simple yet flavourful dish by passionate home cook, Clay




  • 150g Cooked brown rice
  • 10g Diced lap cheong
  • 8g Salted fish
  • 10g Diced chorizo
  • 25g Diced kailan
  • A dash White pepper
  • 2 tbs Sushi vinegar
  • 1 tbs Sake
  • A pinch Sugar
  • 2 tbs Oilve oil



  • 2 pieces Large prawn
  • A handful Flower clams
  • A dash Salt
  • A dash Pepper
  • 1 tbs Spanish spicy paprika



  • Ikura
  • Tobiko
  • Chopped Italian parsley




– Make a cut on the spine of the prawn and devein.
– Soak and rinse clams to get rid of dirt and sand.
– Marinate all the seafood with salt, pepper and paprika.
– Set aside for half an hour and start to chop the ingredients needed for rice.
– Grill over hot coals for maximum smoky effect if a grill is available. Seafood can be cooked in a pan over high heat.
– Set seafood aside to rest while you cook the rice.


– Cook brown rice as per package instructions and let cool.
– With a little oil and medium low heat, stir-fry lap cheong, salted fish and chorizo for a few minutes until the flavours are released into the oil.
– Turn fire to high to achieve “wok hei”. Add rice and kailan.
– Season with sushi vinegar, sake and pinch of sugar if needed, to balance out the salt.
– Toss and stir till everything is evenly coated.


– Plate the prawns and clams on top of rice.
– Garnish with as much tobiko and ikura as you like.
– Dash of parsley over the dish for colour.



Clay Kuok

Art Director by day and passionate home cook by night, Clay Kuok’s love affair with food started early, thanks to a family of “incredible home cooks” and the presence of vibrant street food at every corner.

Here, she shares the recipe for a mixed rice dish, inspired by sushi, paella, clay pot and fried rice. It was served at Kilo Under Pressure #6, an initiative by Kilo Orchard to allow home chefs to serve a three to five course dinner for a full restaurant of guests.