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Recipe: Coffee Pork Collar By Chef Meng

Recreate this sticky-sweet and tasty dish from restaurant and bar Red Tail

Photo: Red Tail



  • 2kg pork collar
  • Coffee sauce
  • Pork collar marinate
  • Coriander and laksa leaf pesto

Pork Collar Marinate

    • Onion powder x 45g
    • Garlic powder x 45g
    • 1egg
    • Portion pork collar to 130g slices
    • Marinate pork collar in vaccuum pack overnight

Coffee Sauce

  • Roasted coffee x 250ml
  • Oyster sauce x 50g
  • Red chilli (diced) x 30g
  • Gula melaka x 60g
  • Garlic puree x 30g
  • Honey x 200g

Coriander and Laksa Leaf Pesto

    • Garlic puree x 12g
    • Coriander x 200g
    • Laksa leaf x 8g
    • 5 spice powder x 4g
    • Grated parmesan x 100g
    • Olive oil x 120ml

Additional Ingredients

  • Dry batter mix
  • Toasted sesame seeds


Coriander and laksa leaf Pesto

  1. Pulse all ingredients together
  2. Add olive oil if required to desired consistency

To finish

  1. Douse marinated pork collar strip in dry batter mix
  2. Pan fry till brown and crisp, and lather in desired amount of coffee sauce
  3. Slice the meat into smaller strips
  4. Lather plate and top meat with 2 teaspoons of pesto and sprinkle toasted sesame seeds to finish

Chef Meng

Prior to joining Red Tail, the 27-year-old held the position of Head Chef at Necessary Provisions, where he experimented plenty and mainly with familiar local ingredients, working them into skills from his training and background in French culinary and patisserie.

Influenced by his father who is an avid home cook with family roots from Malaysia, Meng grew up learning to appreciate Asian cooking and flavours, and much of his understanding of Asian cuisine from a young age has translated into his menu at Red Tail today.