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Raffles Hotel Unveils Southeast Asia’s Culinary Delights At The Inaugural Regional Hawker Showcase

Get ready to embark on a flavor odyssey! Raffles Hotel Singapore is thrilled to announce the launch of its first-ever Regional Hawker Showcase at Raffles Courtyard, a celebration of Southeast Asia’s vibrant street food scene.

From 3 July to 8 October 2024, four regional hawkers will serve their specialty dishes in the lush alfresco setting of Raffles Courtyard. Each instalment will be exclusively available for one week, from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM daily.

The Regional Hawker Showcase promises more than just a culinary adventure. Raffles Courtyard will be transformed into a vibrant open-air market, buzzing with the energy and atmosphere that defines Southeast Asian street food culture. Imagine communal seating arrangements, live music filling the air, and the aroma of spices and sizzling grills whetting your appetite. It’s the perfect spot to gather with friends and family, share a delicious meal, and create lasting memories while celebrating the joy of Southeast Asian street food.

The event will kick off from 3 to 9 July 2024 with a special guest appearance by Pak Buyung Haryanto from Bandung, Indonesia. Hailing from a family of successful street food entrepreneurs, Pak Buyung carries on the legacy with his specialty dish, Pork Martabak.

This hearty creation features a crispy roti, crafted from his family’s time-tested batter, generously filled with a savory medley of eggs, coriander, onions, ham, preserved meats, and smoked bacon. Each portion is served alongside a freshly made spicy sambal matah, a Balinese delicacy that adds a touch of fiery excitement.

From 7 July to 13 August 2024, the spotlight will shift to Madam Ho Thi Tha from Vietnam. Madam Ho first introduced her Banh Khoai, a Vietnamese crispy savory pancake dish, in Chuon Market Village located in the city of Hue. This all-women’s market is renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to aiding displaced and underprivileged women. Inspired by this movement, Madam Ho opened her food stall to support her family amidst rising living costs. Fueled by determination and perseverance, she continues to mill her own rice to create the sumptuous rice flour batter for her Banh Khoai.

Each pancake is meticulously crafted and then filled with fresh, locally sourced ingredients like shrimp, squid, fish, and minced pork, all nestled atop crisp leafy greens. The dish is then finished with a piquant fish sauce specially sourced in Vietnam, a true embodiment of food made from the heart.

The Regional Hawker Showcase promises to be an ongoing celebration of Southeast Asian street food. Following Pak Buyung and Madam Ho, the series will continue to captivate guests with an exquisite array of local specialties presented by two additional extraordinary hawker heroes hailing from Southeast Asia.

Their identities will be revealed closer to date:
– Third installment: 4 to 10 September, 2024
– Fourth installment: 2 to 8 October, 2024

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