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Popping chocolate like a Rocqstar

ROCQ STAR has launched a selection of dark chocolate-coated coffee beans – a first in Singapore – and a range of dark Choc-Pops


Chocolate, but healthier

ROCQ STAR dark Choc-Pops pack a healthier punch with the natural antioxidants found in the real cocoa, fruits, and nuts used. In addition, ROCQ STAR’s Choc-Pops contain less sugar and fats compared to regular milk chocolate alternatives. They are also free of preservatives, artificial colourings, flavourings, and sweeteners.


Flavours to tickle your taste-buds

Offering familiar favourites like chocolate-coated almonds, hazelnuts, and raisins, ROCQ STAR stands out from the crowd with their chocolate-coated dried cranberries, and coffee beans in espresso and mocha flavours.


Goodness on the go

ROCQ STAR dark Choc-Pops come in easily re-sealable zip lock pouches. Their dark chocolate espresso and mocha coffee beans are just as handy, packaged in compact boxes for your enjoyment anytime, anywhere.


Get your hands on one!

ROCQ STAR products are initially available at all Cold Storage and Giant supermarkets, SPC and Caltex petrol stations, and Cheers convenience stores. The Choc-Pops can be purchased in 200g pouches for $6.90, and the coffee bean variants can be purchased in 30g boxes for $3.90. For a sensational, to-go treat, satisfy your chocolate cravings today with ROCQ STAR!

By Nicole Lee