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Don’t Miss Out On Pince & Pints’ All New Crab Menu!

Feast on a delectable array of crab dishes with Pince & Pints’ all-new menu, exclusively available at its Duxton Road outlet from 25 March 2019!

Restaurant and bar Pince & Pints is well-known to seafood fans for their premium live lobsters and lobster rolls. Now, they’ve introduced five all-new crab dishes available only at their Duxton Road outlet to complement their well-loved menu!

Those who are environmentally-conscious would be happy to know that Pince & Pints sources their seafood from sustainable fisheries along the Atlantic Coast. Besides that, the award-winning restaurant also offers their own take on iconic local dishes.

Photo: Pince & Pints

For the new crab menu, whole live Sri Lankan mud crabs are used, and the restaurant has standard pricing, with each crab weighing approximately 500-600g. You’ll find iconic local dishes like Whole Chilli Crab (S$58), Whole Black Pepper Crab (S$58), and Whole Steamed Crab in Egg White (S$55); to more uncommon ones like the Whole Grilled Crab (S$55), and Crabmeat Fried Rice (S$18).

The Duxton Road outlet has also introduced new starters: Crispy Soy Chicken Wings ($12, six pieces); Truffle Mushroom Soup ($12) and Nonya Prawns ($14) , as well as mains – Ribeye Steak ($30, 200g) served with herb butter, straight-cut fries and chef’s salad, and the classic Surf & Turf ($65) which features half a signature grilled live lobster and a 200g ribeye steak, served with crispy golden straight-cut fries, herb butter, butter sauce and chef’s salad.

Photo: Pince & Pints

We highly recommend the Whole Grilled Crab (S$55, approx. 500 to 600g) which showcases the restaurant’s signature preparation style where the crab is painstakingly dissected and brushed with a light coat of butter, before being grilled to achieve just the right mix of sweetness and char. The crab is delightfully meaty and fresh, and we loved the hint of smoky grilled flavour and buttery sweetness to the meat. Don’t miss out on the thick-cut fries – we couldn’t stop dipping them in the creamy butter sauce! Each portion is a serving for one person, but it’s fine to share – and no one will judge you if you have the crab and fries to yourself, either!

Photo: Pince & Pints

Another dish we loved was the classic Whole Chilli Crab ($58, approx. 500 to 600g), with gravy made from a blend of homemade chilli paste (fresh chilli padi, ginger, garlic) and tomato sauce, resulting in a balance of tangy, sweet and spicy flavours. While not too spicy, the gravy was delightfully moreish, and we found ourselves sopping up as much as we could with the accompanying fried mantou buns. Don’t worry, the mantou are included in the price, or you could choose to have jasmine rice if you so prefer – but why have chilli crab if you aren’t going to have mantou along with it?

Photo: Pince & Pints

Those who love their crabs, but prefer something a little lighter, would probably like the Whole Steamed Crab in Egg White ($55, approx. 500 to 600g, served with fragrant jasmine rice). Prepared Cantonese-style, the highlight of the dish would be the wobbly bed of steamed egg below the crab, much like a crab-infused chawanmushi. The crab meat too, was delightfully juicy here, but the egg. Gudetama would approve.

Photo: Pince & Pints

The Crabmeat Fried Rice ($18) may look plain and unassuming but don’t be fooled! Redolent with the fragrance of wokhei and full of fresh chunks of crabmeat, this is a dish any zhi char place would be proud to serve. Have it with the tongue-numbing house-made chilli oil, and thank yourself for ordering this dish.

Photo: Pince & Pints

Of course, being named Pince & Pints, you shouldn’t end off your meal without having a drink (or two)! Pince & Pints serves hand-crafted cocktails such as Bed of Roses (S$18), a refreshing mix of vodka, rose liqueur, lychee syrup, fresh lemon and lime; Memories of El Born (S$22), vodka, rum, Cointreau, passionfruit; and a classic Cosmopolitan (S$18), alongside popular spirits bottled beers and ciders, mocktails, cold-press juices, milkshakes, floats, homemade ice teas (classic, lemon, lychee), coffee and tea.

With a cosy, diner atmosphere and coastal-themed decor, plus a menu full of seafood delights, you sure won’t leave Pince & Pints feeling crabby!

32-33 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089496