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New Menus To Try: Morton’s & Neon Pigeon

Fresh new treats, from progressive Japanese cuisine to creative Bloody Mary cocktails

Are your dinner plans in a rut? Check out these new menus and let them whet your appetites all over again.

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Photo: Neon Pigeon

Neon Pigeon

16 new dishes have been introduced at Neon Pigeon, born out of Chef Justin Hammond’s love affair with Japan.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Hirafu’s modern bars and Tokyo’s hidden underground foodie scene, he has developed a unique style of cooking called “Progressive Japanese”.

Our unanimous favourite is the Unagi Rice Pan — an unusual cross between a Korean bibimbap and Spanish paella, with an unmistakable Japanese influence.

The flavourful and textural dish is a result of rice and vegetarian dashi cooked with butter then heated over an open flame to the smoking point.

Dig right in and you’ll find a delightful crust at the bottom, along with a mash-up of ingredients like BBQ sauce, sweet snap peas, BBQ unagi, spring onion, crispy fried nori, and raw egg yolk.

Another must-try is the Soft Shell Crab Bao. Pillowy soft buns sandwich frittered morsels of soft shell crab that’s been coated in black pepper terriyaki sauce. Bits of corn and avocado add a pleasant sweetness to each bite.

If you’ve got space for an additional snack or two, make it the Crispy Smoked Potatoes. The crispy mess, mixed in herb ponzu, mustard kimizu and togarashi (Japanese spice mixture) will be a party in your mouth.

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