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Monster Curry Launches A Godzilla-Themed Menu To Celebrate The New Movie

Meet an amazing 1.8-metre Godzilla outside the restaurant before your meal!

Photos: Monster Curry

We can’t wait for Godzilla: King of the Monsters to hit theatres, but to tide us over until 30 May, we have an exciting monster mash-up. The mighty Godzilla has stomped through Singapore and set up a home at none other than Monster Curry, the popular chain of Japanese curry restaurants.

Now until 15 July 2019, visit your nearest Monster Curry outlet to savour the new limited edition menu that’s created specially in anticipation of the upcoming installment to the hit Godzilla movie franchise. All 13 outlets offer the menu, which includes two mains, one dessert and a drink, all inspired by the iconic monsterThis awesome collaboration between Monster Curry and TOHO Group is also to celebrate 65 years since Godzilla was first introduced to the world, through the now cult movie in 1954 by Ishiro Honda.

If you are a big Godzilla fan, don’t miss the opportunity to snap a photo with the ginormous 1.8-metre Godzilla mascot that has been specially flown in from Japan. Meet-and-greet sessions are also happening from 23 May at selected outlets. Check the Monster Curry Facebook page for updates on the schedule.

Fans are also going to love the innovative and photogenic creations by the Monster Curry team. The restaurant’s signature flavours and toppings have been combined for two mains, and they are so made for the ‘gram just on their own:

The Godzilla Combo Curry ($28.80) features a variety of Monster Curry’s well-loved toppings – breaded Pork Katsu, crispy Tempura Shrimp, moreish Tori Karaage, and Premium Beef Steak – with a side of the signature demi-glace Japanese curry sauce. Emulating even Godzilla’s great size, this main dish is big and filling enough to be shared by two.

In addition to looking tantalising, the dish is also an utterly kawaii work of food art. King of monsters? Shaped by a bed of premium Japanese rice and spouting out fiery hearts, Godzilla is the king of our hearts.

Also sporting the rice-as-Godzilla silhouette design, Godzilla Katsu Curry ($14.80) is great for one. Enjoy the demi-glace Japanese curry with Pork Katsu and two pieces of Takoyaki, two of the restaurant’s most popular toppings.

Get to know the sweet side of Godzilla by indulging in this mouthwatering dessert, the Godzilla Volcano Honey Toast ($12.80). Crispy toasted bread, cut up into big cubes, are coated with honey, butter, mixed berry sauce, fresh strawberries and blueberries, and a scoop of Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream. Upon the volcano of decadent goodness sits Godzilla, as a dark chocolate topper.

For a fun photo, complete your meal with the Godzilla Shiquasa Fizz ($7.20), a citrusy lime drink that comes with an interactive Godzilla straw prop and coaster. It’s no ordinary lime drink too, but made with Shiquasa lime from Okinawa, Japan, that is packed with nutritional benefits.

On top of a unique and delicious meal, fans can also bring the monster home. A range of exclusive Godzilla merchandise are available for purchase and redemption. Get a T-shirt (from $23.00), keychain ($4.50), coasters ($6.00 for a set of four designs), Monster Curry Plates ($58.00) and/or Menko cards to show off your love for the popular franchise. For every order of the Godzilla Combo Curry or Katsu Curry, you will receive three custom-designed Menko cards – probably the best deal in the house!

Visit the official Monster Curry website for more information.