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World’s Only Michelin-starred Ramen Is Coming To SG

Find out why the Japanese queue from 6am for this eatery’s ramen

How lucky are we? The world’s first and only Michelin-starred ramen eatery, Tsuta from Tokyo, Japan, will be opening a store in Singapore next month on Level 1 of Pacific Plaza.

This is Tsuta’s only overseas venture thus far; it was awarded a Michelin star earlier this year, becoming the first Japanese ramen eatery to receive the prestigious accolade. The humble eatery is known for its flavourful shoyu broth and soba noodles, and queues reportedly form from as early as 6am every day.

With only nine seats in its establishment, Tsuta serves only 150 bowls of ramen daily. And even though the store does not open its doors until 11am, tickets for the day typically sell out by 8am.

Now, Singaporeans will have an opportunity to enjoy Tsuta ramen right here.

Tsuta’s noodles are expertly made from four types of whole-wheat flour that lend the noodles a firm bite and smooth texture. The base of the soy broth is made with three types of shoyu, specially brewed in the Wakayama Prefecture and blended with two other shoyu.

This is then mixed with dashi (soup stock) of beef, vegetables, clams and other ingredients. Unique to Tsuta, this dashi-joyu forms the base of the ramen broth, imparting natural and umami flavours.

Tsuta will open in Pacific Plaza in October 2016. Follow the Facebook page for more updates.