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Michelin Guide Singapore 2022: Full List Of Restaurants

The Michelin Guide Singapore 2022 gala and star revelation has finally returned to its physical format at the Marina Bay Sands last night after the pandemic. 

2 restaurants were promoted to Two MICHELIN Stars while 7 restaurants were newly awarded with One MICHELIN Star and 3 restaurants maintain status of a Three MICHELIN Stars restaurant!

2 New Restaurants Receive Two MICHELIN Stars

Singapore adds two new restaurants to its Two MICHELIN Starred restaurant selection this year. Named after a novel by an Australian author, restaurant Cloudstreet delivers an unforgettable gastronomic journey that marries disparate cultures and influences in an artistic expression.

Thevar’s creative multi-course menu rooted in Indian traditions and crafted with European techniques receives praise from the MICHELIN Guide inspectors for its fascinating combination of flavours and the Penang-born Indian chef’s unique perspective. The food were described as an array of Indian-inspired cuisine with a fun, modern gaze.

The two newly awarded restaurant Cloudstreet and Thevar join 5 other restaurants with Two MICHELIN Stars in Singapore.

7 New Restaurants Receive One MICHELIN Star

There are 7 new restaurants in the One MICHELIN Star category in the 2022 edition. Among the 7 restaurants, Nae:um, Marguerite, Rêve and Hamamoto are receiving One MICHELIN Star for the first time. Burnt Ends gains One MICHELIN Star for their new opening while Euphoria and La Dame de Pic were promoted to One MICHELIN Star from the MICHELIN Guide selection.

The MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2022 Young Chef Award

If you don’t know, MICHELIN Guide also recognises young chefs working in MICHELIN-starred restaurants who has exceptional talent and great potential. This year, the Young Chef Award is given to chef Louis Han from One MICHELIN Starred Nae:um.

The MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2022 Welcome & Service Award and Sommelier Award

Samantha Goh of Two MICHELIN Starred Saint Pierre is the winner of this year’s Welcome & Service Award. She has been working at the restaurant for years and is cheerful and knowledgeable.

The recipient of this year’s Sommelier Award is Eric Eu of Three MICHELIN Starred Les Amis. Eu is knowledgeable and attentive, offering thorough wine appreciation that enhances the dining experience.

Here’s the complete list of Michelin-starred restaurants this year:

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Three Michelin Stars

Les Amis
Restaurant Zén

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