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Supper hot spot for your bak chor mee fix

Ming Fa Fishball’s bak chor mee stands out for its springy noodles and full-bodied flavours


To savour the best of what Ming Fa has to offer, order the Mini Wok Minced Meat Noodles.


For many who stay near Upper Thomson Road, such as myself, Meng Kitchen is the quintessential supper spot.

The coffee shop operates round the clock and draws snaking queues for one stall in particular — Ming Fa Fishball.

With a heritage of 70 years and a growing chain of stalls, Ming Fa’s popularity can be attributed to its signature handmade fish balls made from 100 per cent fish meat.

However, my family and I return time and again for the bak chor mee (minced meat noodles). To savour the best of what they have to offer, order the Mini Wok Minced Meat Noodles ($5.50).


Springy Noodles and Flavourful Toppings

The set consists of a bowl of bak chor mee topped with braised mushrooms, pork lard and a sprinkling of spring onion; as well as a mini hotpot brimming with broth, meat balls, fish balls, pork slices, liver and
minced meat.

Start by scooping the hot broth and minced meat into your bowl of bak chor mee, before mixing it well to enjoy. The strands of mee pok noodles, springy yet firm, were a good vessel for the chilli and vinegar sauce.

The pork slices were tender and tasted like they were marinated in sesame oil, while the fish balls were meaty and toothsome.

My only gripe is the salty broth, which left me thirsty.


Bak Chor Mee with a Difference

For something different, try the Chicken Cutlet Minced Meat Noodles ($5). With similar ingredients as the bak chor mee, this version is topped with a slab of breaded chicken cutlet.

Crisp and juicy, the cutlet added an interesting texture to the flavourful noodles. Head to Ming Fa for supper; you won’t be disappointed.


Ming Fa Fishball, Meng Kitchen, 246B Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574370, Tel: 6455 4890


By Samantha Francis