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Strike Gold With These New Salted Egg Yolk Creations

Breadtalk and Joe & Dough hop onto the bandwagon

By Samantha Francis

It seems like Singaporeans just can’t get enough of the savoury-sweet flavours of salted egg yolk. Hot on the heels of the salted yolk croissants that have invaded our social media feeds, are these new offerings from Breadtalk and Joe & Dough. Will they flow or will they flop? We’ll leave you to decide.


Salted Egg Yolk Hot Cross Bun

Joe & Dough Salted Egg Yolk Hot Cross Bun

Easter is coming and what better way to celebrate than with a traditional treat like the hot cross bun? Joe & Dough’s Salted Egg Yolk Hot Cross Bun ($4.50) offers as much surprise as an Easter egg, with a charcoal bun that’s piped with rich salted egg yolk. Break, flow, enjoy and repeat. If you prefer classic flavours, go for the Traditional Hot Cross Bun ($3.00). It is baked to perfection with mixed spices of cinnamon, sweet raisins and fragrant orange peel from France.

Available at Joe & Dough.


01Golden Lava Croissant

BreadTalk Golden Lava Croissant

If the thought of devouring a full-sized salted egg yolk croissant sounds a tad overwhelming, opt for BreadTalk’s Golden Lava Croissant ($1). Each croissant comes in an adorable bite-sized portion with molten salted egg yolk filling that flows with every bite of the crispy, buttery pastry. For every purchase of six pieces, you get one free — we’re taking this as a sign to order more at a go!

The Golden Lava Croissant will be progressively launched at 15 BreadTalk outlets across Singapore, with limited quantity available daily.