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Strictly Lobsters: Pince & Pints

Serving only three dishes, Pince & Pints makes it worth your while with whole lobsters

Every time I say this, many of my peers glare at me. I like lobsters, not crabs. I know the statement sounds terribly spoiled, but I just mean that I prefer the ease of consumption and the meaty texture.

Pince & Pints has seen crazy-long queues since it opened, and for good reasons. It serves only three dishes with a whole lobster in each of them. Started by Frederick Yap, the restaurant imports lobsters from the United States and Canada in deep sea tanks a few times a week since the lobsters have to be consumed within seven days.

Pince & Pints Meal with cocktails

Under The Sea                                                           

Lobster RollMy favourite of the three dishes (all dishes at $48++) available was definitely the Lobster Roll. Each dish itself contains a whole 600g lobster, and so did the massive lobster roll. The lobster flesh is seasoned with salt and pepper then mixed with mayonnaise before being padded into pillow-soft buns.

The buns were buttered and pan-fried prior to serving, which resulted in a creamy-sweet bun with lobster chunks encased inside. The accompanying French fries and mesclun salad were quite substantial, with the former going great with the garlic aioli sauce provided.

 Lobster Mania

The other two dishes were a Live Whole Lobster – grilled or steamed, and the Chilli Lobster. Fans of chilli crab might want to try Pince & Pints’ Chilli Lobster. The chilli sauce is eggy and slightly less sweet, and it comes with a side of deep-fried mantous to soak up the sauce.Grilled Whole Live Lobster

I tried the whole lobster grilled and the resulting smoky taste added to the fragrance of the lobster without overpowering its natural taste. It comes with a simple clarified butter sauce, fries, and side salad. However, I have to say, if you are looking for the most filling dish, you’re better off picking the Lobster Roll instead.

There are no desserts at Pince & Pints, and they do not take reservations. The best times to come are either right before they open or for a late 9PM dinner. They’ve figured out a better way of letting customers in with a wait-list instead of allowing the queue to snake around. Be prepared to wait at least an hour for your table. But it’s worth it!

Pince & Pints, 32/33 Duxton Road, Singapore 089496, Tel: 6225 7558

By Cheryl Chia