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Nostalgic bakes


Nostalgia can be found anywhere, even in baked goods

By Cheryl Chia

Quite a number of Singaporeans love going to an old school bakery selling local confectionary such as cream-filled cornets, Swiss rolls, large cookies or even sugar-coated doughnuts. A sentimental wave of nostalgia will wash over you, whenever you visit one.

Dong Po Colonial Cafe on Kandahar Street, which opened earlier in the year, reintroduces pre-independence era cookies and cakes that are familiar to most Singaporeans. Kelvin Soh, owner of Dong Po Colonial Cafe says, “I started Dong Po Colonial Cafe to introduce cakes and pastries from pre-independence Singapore (from the early 1950s to 1960s) to the public.”

“The cakes and pastries in our cafe are based on family recipes from Dong Log Wee Confectionery, which was my family bakery during the pre-independence Singapore era,” he explains.

Blast from the Past

Dong Po Colonial Cafe serves nostalgic pastries such as Three-Hole Cookies ($1.90), Almond Macaron Tarts ($1.90) and Lamingtons ($1.90). The store also has old-school Swiss rolls, cream puffs, pound cakes and cream-filled cornets.

It’s no surprise that there seems to be some British influence in the confectionary. Nonetheless, Kelvin’s personal favourite is their Bostock ($2.40).

“When I’m in need of a hot, toasty, baked-to-order item, I like the tasty and fragrant Bostock, which is a French almond frangipane toast made with our own bread, topped with warm tangy almond paste and freshly- toasted almond slices,” he says.

3-Hole Cookie
3-Hole Cookie

Economical for All

Prices at Dong Po Colonial Cafe start from $1.20 for a slice of pound cake to $3.20 for a Cornish pie. They also have set meals comprising two pastries and a drink, at $5.50.

Kelvin says, “At Dong Po Colonial Café, we try to price our items reasonably so that these cakes and pastries from Singapore in the ‘50s to ‘60s can be enjoyed by the masses.”

The rustic decor at Dong Po Colonial Cafe also adds an extra dose of wistfulness with items from the past such as cups, shells and memorabilia decorating the glass-top tables.

Dong Po Colonial Cafe is also intending to expand their beverages list in the near future.

Dong Po Colonial Café, 56 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198904, Tel: 6298 1318