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New Owl Cafes take off with new dishes


Give these cafes and items a try and you may find they are something to hoot about

After the launch of the inaugural Owl Cafe at Star Vista in March, serving Straits Asian food and its own brand of coffee, it has since expanded to two more branches in the past month.

The two new outlets are located in town, at Republic Plaza, and in the east, at Bedok Point. Both have just started operations, from the beginning of this month.

Coffee Known to the Region

Owl has been producing coffee since 1956, even having won awards in the process. The Owl brand has become synonymous with being dedicated, passionate and appreciative of the Straits Asian food and beverage heritage and culture.

It is with these same values that Owl created its own café, its first foray into the F&B business. Owl Café serves coffee, toast, snacks and main courses with the rich influence of the food culture of the Straits of Malacca.

Interesting Dishes to Try

Highlights include Assam Chicken Wings, Spaghetti with Laksa Sauce, and Durian Pengat. New additions include Kopi & Chicken Floss Toast, Black Chicken Herbal Soup or Lotus Root Pork Ribs with Pumpkin Lotus Rice, Caramelised Fruits with Ice Cream Toast and Soya Bean Curd with Durian Pengat.

“Our dishes, desserts and drinks are unique and true to our brand promise of bringing out the best of the Straits Asian food and beverage culture and presenting them in a modern setting,’’ said Owl’s General Manager for Marketing, Sherie Koh.

Owl Café’s new outlets are located at Republic Plaza (near Raffles Place MRT) and Bedok Point.