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Mitzo puts on a show

Opting for something grand this year? Celebrate reunions and resplendent feastings at Mitzo Restaurant & Bar

Tucked in the heart of Orchard, Mitzo has a grandiose affair planned for this year. Partake in an exquisite Chinese dining experience with their Chinese New Year menu, accompanied with artisanal cocktails and upbeat music.

Who can miss raising our chopsticks to prosperity, abundance and good fortune?

Golden Prosperity King Fish Yu Sheng

Toss to good luck

To shake things up, Mitzo is introducing a “Prosperity Shake”, where the servers will sprinkle Mitzo’s homemade secret, savoury sauce across the impressive lo hei, complete with practiced showmanship. The sauce carried a strong fragrance of nuts, which wafted easily across the table as we started on the tossing!

While the mixed greens, shredded carrots and radish is common in most lo heis, it is the generous servings of Kanpachi Kingfish slices and the strong, yummy fragrance of peanuts and pine nuts that differentiates this from the usual platter. Want more crunch? Load up on the crispy salmon skin!

Superior Fortune Pen Cai - Flambe

A fiery show

The Superior Fortune Pei Cai is not just a dish, but a show too. When it was brought it, we noticed the server had gas lighters in his aprons. Shortly after setting down the colossal pen cai, he poured a layer of vodka over the dish. Within seconds, the server had lit the dish, igniting the surface of the pen cai with blue, dancing flames. What a show!

My personal favourites in this pen cai would be the soft, sweet dried scallops. All around the table, the 20-year Chinese Hua Diao Prawn was awed at, despite me finding it ordinary. The Roasted Duck deserves a mention too, with a perfectly crispy skin atop the chewy, succulent meat.

Homemade Nian Gao

Care for a koi?

At the end of the meal, we were served a platter of three desserts. The nian gao stood out easily, with its slightly chilled stickiness and light sweetness. The server then introduced the koi fishes to us, explaining that it was made primarily with niao gao and that what we had is a sample of it.

Mitzo’s chef pulled all the stops for this piece, taking painstaking efforts to make sure each detail of the dish is intricately done. Crafted with great finesse from fins to scales, Mitzo’s Koi Fish Nian Gao is a work of art.

Mitzo, 270 Orchard Road, Grand Park Orchard, Singapore 238857

By Nicole Lee

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