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Is This The Best Fish Soup?

Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup comes with exceptionally-fresh and tender slices of batang fish slices

By Samantha Francis


Expect long queues at Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup.


It was way past lunch hour at Albert Centre Market & Food Centre but a snaking queue at Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup caught my attention.

Little did I know, this stall routinely makes the list of the best fish soups in Singapore.


A Light & Sweet Broth


The flavourful broth is made from simmering salted fish and pounded fish bones over a low fire.


When it comes to fish soup, I’m a fan of the variety that comes with richly-flavoured cream-coloured broth — thanks to ginger stock, not milk, if you’re wondering, and a fragrant hint of hua tiao jiu (Chinese cooking wine) or XO brandy.

The broth in Angel Horse’s Sliced Fish Thick Bee Hoon Soup (from $4) looked comparatively clear. Nonetheless, I took my first slurp and was delighted by the light sweetness of the stock, which had been derived from simmering salted fish and pounded fish bones over a low fire.


Tender Batang Fish Slices


The tender slices of batang (Spanish mackerel) were exceptionally fresh and smooth, yet thick enough for a substantial bite. Enjoying fish soup in this unforgiving weather resulted in beads of perspiration rolling down my forehead. But I couldn’t stop — mouthfuls of fresh fish slices followed by spoonfuls of delicious broth. What a delight!

My choice of the bee hoon soup came with tomato, lettuce, silken tofu and garnishing of fried onion and seaweed.
To enhance the flavours, dip your fish slices into the stall’s homemade sauce, made of salted bean paste and chilli padi.

On the whole, Angel Horse’s fish soup ticks all the right boxes for a delicious yet relatively healthy option. Was it the best that I’ve tasted? Probably not, yet it’s still among the best.

Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup, Albert Centre Market & Food Centre, 270 Queen Street, #01-95, Singapore 180270