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Live Like A Pampered Panda For A Weekend At “The Pandanctuary”

Food delivery service Foodpanda will be launching a wellness retreat complete with a full-fledged in-room dining experience

Photos: Foodpanda

Live out your weekend like a lazy panda.

It’s Monday and a huge part of me wishes I was living out the enviable lives of the pandas I last saw at River Safari.

Rolling about in cosy hay beds, looking adorable with doe-eyes and getting fed all day — sounds like a treat when you’ve got a frightful amount of unread emails in your inbox.

Fantasies aside, it seems like panda lovers like myself will soon get to fulfill their dream.

Pampered like a panda

From 1 Apr onwards, food delivery service Foodpanda Singapore will be launching a wellness retreat aptly called “The Pandanctuary”, which aims to provide stressed out Singaporeans the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, by living like a panda for the weekend.

Now before you chuckle at the prospect and turn your attention to the next cute panda video on your social feeds, here’s what awaits you.

Guests will be able to check into a staycation at Studio M Hotel, which feature bespoke ‘panda rooms’ with bamboo plants, play ropes and large water bowls.

Enjoy a bamboo-inspired menu with dishes like Bamboo Shoot Risotto.

Bamboo-inspired treats

The highlight of it all? A full-fledged in-room dining experience created in collaboration with  Jamie’s Italian, featuring a curated bamboo-inspired menu with dishes and drinks from Bamboo Shoot Risotto to a Bamboo Sling.

Guests booking the experience for a birthday or celebration can also arrange a bamboo flavoured cake with candles.

Know a loved one who can’t get enough of cuddly pandas? You know what to do!

P.S. We bear no responsibility if this winds up being an April Fool’s joke!

More information here.