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Are you in Sync yet?

Riding the Korean wave is new, ultra hip restaurant SYNC. We check out the hits and misses of the restaurant

I have always been extremely hesitant to try food. My usual meals are safe and tasty, good enough for me. But SYNC raised my interest with their interesting Korean menu. It is after all not everyday a Korean restaurant includes street snacks in their offerings. I had to try it.

Here is the Topokki with Gamja Tuikim, our favourite combination!

Savoury to the last bite

The Gamja Tuikim could be the prettiest plate of fries I have ever had. I loved the colors and the aroma of it reached me even before I lifted my fork. The fries were salty, but the cheese is a delightful complement.

The Topokki consists of Korean rice cakes with a generous sprinkling of bacon. I liked the crunch element, thank America for bacon madness! The rice cakes were delectably soft and chewy.

We tried three of the favourite mains – Pork Belly Rice, Jap Chae and Budae Jjigae

Mains of the menu

It is safe to say I fell in love with the pork belly rice. The pork is succulent and tender, suitably spiced enough to taste the mix of flavours in a single bite. It goes very well with the rice and home made Korean spice offered.

The Hap Chae is ordinary, basically sweet potatoes noodles with a dash of pepper which comes through perfectly. The seasonal veggies are a sweet touch against the sesame and mild spice hints.

The Budae Jjigae is a divine mix of ingredients, from sausages to gyozas to pork bellies. I like the sesame especially here, it brings out the broth of the dish.

The Green Tea Lava Cake is a hot-seller here

Oozing goodness and more

Here is my absolute favourite of all. The green tea lava cake is one of their bestseller and unsurprisingly so – it was exquisite. I usually do not eat chocolate lava cake because it is too overpowering, but green tea was a savoury twist. The green tea oozed out beautifully, with the cake lending a soft chew factor.

Address: SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro, Westgate Mall, Level 3 of Samsung store

By Nicole Lee