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Chicken + Beer, yay or nay?

Chir Chir has 100 outlets spanning across Asia and finally we now have two in Singapore
Chir Chir has 100 outlets spanning across Asia and finally we now have two in Singapore

Flying all the way from Korea, Chir Chir is here to sweep you off your feet with unique taste combinations

Chir Chir (pronounced “chi-ruh chi-ruh”) Fusion Chicken Factory has finally landed in Singapore and launched its first two outlets.

With over 100 outlets spanning across Asia, Chir Chir embodies the new Korean culture of chicken with beer. If chicken is your preferred type of meat, we might have just found heaven for you.

Thumbs up!

Considering that chicken is the only star of the restaurant, Chir Chir is pretty creative with its menu. With a range of 20 over types of chicken dishes, you are almost certain to find something that you like.

Designed to resemble a chicken coop with mesh wires, this casual chicken eatery is the ideal chilling spot for friends or family. Forget dinning etiquette or eating with class in Chir Chir, even though a pair of small ‘tongs’ are provided to help you tear the meat from the bones without getting your fingers oily.

Located in the central and eastern parts of Singapore, in Somerset and Bedok, the two outlets make it convenient for most people to visit. Here are some of the highlights.

The Chir Cream Beer, inspired by the “Latte Kiss” from the series Secret Garden, is a quirky concoction of draught beer topped with freshly whipped cream

Series-inspired Chir Cream Beer

Inspired by the “Latte Kiss” from the hit TV series Secret Garden, the Chir Cream Beer ($13.90, 350ml & $18.90, 650ml) is a quirky concoction of draught beer topped with freshly-whipped cream, designed to leave a mark on the upper lip. The mix of the freshly- whipped cream and draught beer attempts to achieve the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness.

Sweet Honey Grape Salad

Featuring sweet, plump, seedless grapes with a variety of nuts dressed with dollops of house-made ricotta and whipped cream, the Honey Grape Salad ($18.90) is served together with baked tortilla drizzled with honey – a different balance of sweet and salty.

Nest Snow

Served on a hotplate, the Nest Snow ($32.90) or spicy Cajun chicken tenders lie on a bed of sweet potato puree that soaks in cream sauce. It is topped with a swirl of Chir Chir’s freshly-whipped cream and Parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar shavings, with broccoli at the side.

For those who fancy cream, cheese and dairy, this dish is one to order.

Original Crispy, Garlicky or Spicy Chicken?

With different options, which to choose? We break it down for you.

Crispy Fried Chicken – Marinated with Chir Chir’s house seasoning before being battered and deep fried, the original Crispy Fried Chicken ($26.90) boasts crisp chicken skin and tender meat that’s tasty from the skin to the bone.

Garlicky Chicken – Despite its name, there isn’t a pungent garlic smell or a formidable garlic taste in the Garlicky Chicken ($28.90) but just a touch of garlic. Minced and fried garlic cloves are sprinkled over the dish. It is then topped with chunks of roasted sweet potato and fried toppoki (Korean rice cakes.

Spicy Chicken – A must-try for chilli lovers, the Spicy Chicken ($28.90) is coated with a sticky sweet and spicy chilli sauce. The sweet potato cubes and toppoki sure pack a punch!

Chir Chir: 313@Somerset; 313 Orchard Rd, #B3-04/05/06 & Bedok Point, 799 New Upper Changi Rd, #02-05/06


By Rydell Tan