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#WeekenderEat: Kinou Brings Authentic And Rustic Basque Cuisine To Singapore

There is a lot of French and Spanish cuisine in Singapore but what makes Basque cuisine stands out?

We visited Kinou recently and they are the only restaurant in Singapore that serves authentic Basque cuisine!

What Exactly is Basque Cuisine?

People may sometimes mistaken Basque as Spain or France, but they are completely not related. Basque is completely unique. Basque has their own language, cuisine and it is one of Europe’s oldest and most distinctive cultures.

Kinou Brings Authentic and Rustic Basque Cuisine to Singapore

Located on Teck Lim Road, Kinou is one of the few places that brings traditional and authentic Basque dishes to our sunny island. The authenticity of its Basque recipes makes Kinou truly in a class of its own in Singapore. The recipes have been passed down through many generations in Chef-Owner Benjamin Tilatti’s family.

Dainty Dishes and Good Wine

The dishes served at Kinou are truly unique. They are served on huge platters with bite-size portioning that is suitable for everyone’s palette. Each dish is designed for communal dining, great for your large group celebrations and parties!

Their Xipirons, bite-sized baby squid served with chimichurri, and black garlic aïoli is very refreshing and unique. You can’t just stop at one bite!

We also love their Beef Tartare that is served with creamy Uni Aïoli, savoury Bellota Chorizo, delicate caviar from the southwest of France and tangy ponzu sauce. The combination of cream and fresh meat really took the team by surprise. It is one of the best Beef Tartare we have ever tried!

Other hot favourites include their Kokotxe, also known as Pork Cheeks. The pork cheeks are cooked at 140 degrees Celsius for 3 hours to get that perfect taste.

We completed our meal with Basque desserts too. We tried Gâteau Basque, and if you do not know, it is a traditional Dessert from Northern Basque. A wheat-flour-based cake layered with crème pâtissiè served with cherry jam.

Do not forget to sip on exquisite French wines imported from across the world while you are busy enjoying the Basque cuisine. Each bottle is specially curated by Chef Benjamin to compliment his creations, whether you want to order meat or fresh seafood!

Kinou is located at 2 Teck Lim Rd, Singapore 088380.

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