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Takumi Kacyo is better with a view

Sashimi by the sea is tacky? Hardly. We went to Marina @ Keppel Bay and amid the good view, we found some delightful bites

Takumi Kacyo is the newest addition to the line of restaurants at Marina @ Keppel Bay. Armed with a perfect view and air-flown sashimi, this place looks to be the most impressive choice. We tried their array of offerings and found out our favourites.

Read on for our  Takumi Kacyo review:

The Assorted Kacyo Appetizer comes in three distinguishing flavours

Three flavours for three palates

We started off with their assorted Kacyo Appetizer. For the pudding, I was surprised that the wasabi added only a slight tinge to its sweetness. The octopus was soft and chewy, it feels like it went overboard on the soya sauce. The fish was very well seasoned and incredibly salty. This appetizer was, in individual components, salty, sweet and and savoury.

Grilled Kinki is their star dish, and rightly so

King of grilled fish

I cannot stress enough on this – you have to try their grilled cod fish. This dish is wonderfully fresh and intensely seasoned. The skin of the fish was cripsy and salty, while the flesh was soft and delectable. The manager recommends a dash of lemon but I could not bring myself to even slightly alter the fish’s original taste – it truly is that fantastic by itself. Remember to scoop out the bits under the fin!

Ready for some beef? Their Premium A5 Wagyu Sirloin beckons

Tender is the word

I have tried many restaurants who offer beef as their main dish and I can safely assure you – none of them cams as close to the standard of Takumi Kacyo. The beef was well cooked on the outside and suitably rare on the inside, giving each mouthful a tinge of both juiciness and marinated flavour. It was soft, tasteful and savory to the last bite.

I am on the fence about whether is it this dish or the cod fish that will keep me coming back to this place but I know one thing – I am already hungry for more.

Takumi Kacyo, 2 Keppel Bay Vista, #02-01, Marina at Keppel Bay, Singapore 098382

By Nicole Lee