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Perfectly aged, melt-in-your-mouth Miyazaki steak — a must try at Takujo

Fine-dining Japanese restaurant Takujo delights with excellent aged beef and fresh seasonal catch


The 21-day A5 Miyazaki Steak had been aged in Emporium Shokuhin’s very own beef dry-ageing facility.

It might’ve been my third visit to Singapore’s first integrated Japanese emporium, Emporium Shokuhin, but the offerings from the gourmet grocer, including a live seafood market and beef dry-ageing facility, still fascinates me.

I was delighted to finally be dining at one of its eight unique dining concepts, Takujo, and won over by its concept of serving seasonal produce, some of which hail fresh from the emporium.

Seasonal produce shine at Takujo

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The Kaki Yunomi Mushi is served in a beautiful lacquer bowl with intricate floral print.

The restaurant’s attention to detail is impressive, even for its starter dishes. The Kaki Yunomi Mushi ($12), was served in a beautiful lacquer bowl with an intricate floral print. Though the seafood broth with Japanese oysters was tasty, the soup could have been more robust if it had more oysters, I thought.

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For a refreshing palette cleanser, order the Shiromi Sakana no Akasu.

Following that, we were served the Shiromi Sakana no Akasu ($22). The slices of seasonal sea bream had a mild and pleasant taste, contrasting nicely with the piquant flavour of sweet vinegar jellies. It was a great palate cleanser. before the mains.

Perfectly aged steak and fatty tuna


Each bite of the Grilled Hon Maguro Cheek was an explosion of flavourful textures.

The Grilled Hon Maguro Cheek (from $68) turned out fresh and satisfying. Charcoal-grilled with a hint of heady smokiness, each bite of the Bluefin tuna was an explosion of flavourful textures: Melt-in-the-mouth flesh, fatty edges, and a crispy skin that had been lightly salted.

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The star of our meal: The 21-day A5 Miyazaki Steak.

But the meal’s pièce de résistance was the 21-day A5 Miyazaki Steak ($118), which had been aged in the emporium’s very own beef dry-ageing facility. Well-marbled and tender, the steak was excellent. All it took was a dash of sea salt, yuzu kosho (Japanese pepper paste) and freshly-grated wasabi, to elevate its robust flavours to the next level.

Sweet endings

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End your meal with the refreshing Genmaicha Ice Cream.

We ended our meal with the refreshing Genmaicha ice cream ($6). Made of green tea combined with the toasty notes of brown rice, it was a wonderful treat.

Takujo, Emporium Shokuhin, Marina Square, #01-186, Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594, Tel: 6224 3433

by Samantha Francis