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For a happy sushi time

Tempura Set with Sushi

Find value-for-money and quality Omakase set meals at Sushi Kou

Omakase, or “it’s up to you,” means putting your dining experience in the hands of the chef. The chef then crafts a meal in the order of appetiser, sashimi, grilled, fried, braised, sushi, and then dessert.

At Sushi Kou, choose from delightful multi-course sets at $50, $80 and $100, featuring the best oceanic catch and seasonal vegetables directly-flown from Japan. The Omakase experience is different each time.

Sumptuous Adventure

I had the $80 seven-course meal. Tako Geso Mushi Okaka (Octopus tentacles in sweet sauce) was the first to arrive, and tasted fresh with every bite. I liked how the flavour lingered in my mouth, yet it was not overpowering.

The sashimi platter came next with beautiful presentation, guaranteeing happiness in a bowl. The melt-in-the-mouth Otoro (tuna belly) and Mekajiki (swordfish) stood out to me. Overall, the dish hits the perfect notes. It was simple yet satisfying.

Murasaki Igai Cheese (Grilled mussels with cheese) instantly won my heart, perhaps due to my weakness for cheese. Every scoop was irresistible. I loved how the texture was light despite the creamy flavour.

The braised duck in Japanese style was memorable. It was smoky and very tender – easily a crowd-pleaser.

When it was time for sushi, I was thrilled to see eel again as I was already craving for more after having unagi in an earlier course.

Despite being full after gulping down all the sushi, I could not resist the generous scoop of ice cream for dessert that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Amebi Karage (fried sweet shrimps)

More than a Dining Experience

Being a first-timer at Omakase, it was fun watching the passionate chef whip up my next dish from the sushi counter. There is also the choice of the more intimate booth seating for cosy gatherings.

The Omakase meal can stretch up to two hours, so opt for dinner time.

Why wait for six months to eat at Teppei when Sushi Kou presents an impressive Omakase affair at a steal, just two doors away?

Sushi Kou, 1 Tras Link, #01-16, Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867, Tel: 6444 8433

By Lim Wan Ling